Agia Irini: It is located to the south of Parikia, 4 km. from it. At the edge of the sandy beach there are salt cedars and there is also a small tavern on the beach

Krios: The beach of Krios (2 km. from the center of Parikia) is located at the northern side of the bay of Parikia and at the edge of Paros, there is the beach of Agios Fokas, which is beautiful and where you will find the homonymous church and many salt cedars.

Livadia: It is a busy and popular beach at the northern side of Parikia, at the location Livadia. It is an organized beach with sun beds and parasols and along it there are many taverns, bars, hotels and rooms to let.

Kaminia: It is a large sandy beach at the northern edge of the bay of Parikia.

Agii Anargiri: The beach of Agii Anargiri is a sandy beach with a few trees and it is located about 200 m. to the east of Naoussa.

Ambelas: The small protected sandy beach at the homonymous fishermen’ village, a few kilometers to the east of Naoussa. It is a picturesque port for the fishing boats of the area with many fish taverns, where you can taste fresh fish and other delicious dishes. In Ambelas you will find rooms to let.

Kolimbithres: It is probably the most popular beach of Paros. It is a calm and beautiful beach at the western part of the bay of Naoussa. What is really interesting here, are the granite rocks, which have various abstract forms, sculptured by the sun, the air and the sea. Rock sculptures that are to be envied by the best of sculptors

Lageri: The beach of Lageri (1,5 km. from Naoussa) is a beautiful, calm beach with fine sand and sand dunes. It is located 2 km. from Naoussa and it is protected by the north winds. Around the sand dunes there are cedars and other herbaceous plants. It is worth taking a walk along the beach, among the cedars and the sand dunes.

Santa Maria: It is an organized beach with white sand and blue waters, which is very popular. It is located near Naoussa and on its white sand there are hundreds of sun beds and parasols, a beach bar, beach and water sport facilities. It mostly attracts the youth since it combines swimming, fun and sports.

Piperi: Piperi is located at the entrance of Naoussa. Blue crystal clear waters, a small forest of salt cedars on the beach and hotels with beautiful gardens on the hill. Before Piperi, there is Piperaki, a small bay with salt cedars for loners.

Monastiri: The beach of Monastiri, which is located opposite to Naoussa, is beautiful, with shallow blue waters. It is an organized beach, where you will also find a beautiful area with a canteen and a small theatre, where many concerts and other events of Paros take place. There is also a place where plastic art exhibitions are held.

The beach that is located under the monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis (St. John) and the small bays that spread up to the Akti Tourkou (the Turk’s Coast) are also beautiful. There is road access to the monastery but you can also get there by boat.

Aliki: The beach of Aliki is a beautiful clean beach with crystal clear blue waters, protected by the winds and the strong sea currents, where you can also find rooms for rent.

Drios: It is a beautiful beach which is located at the homonymous picturesque village of Paros with rich vegetation and running waters. Here, you will find taverns, bars by the sea, rooms to let, apartments and hotels.

Molos: It is an immense beach with white sand, crystal clear waters, salt cedars and a small picturesque marina. It is a bay protected from the winds by the mountains Kefalos and Antikefalos. The dirt road that crosses it separates the beach from the wetland of Molos (Natura area), where many rare bird species make their home. Three picturesque taverns complete the scenery, offering delicious dishes and fresh fish. Here you can also find studios and rooms to let.

Kalogeros: The beach of Kalogeros is located near Molos. It is a small bay with sand and clay, where many swimmers take healing mud baths. The dirt road to Kalogiros passes through a forest of cedars and lentisks and leads to the bay which is surrounded by high rocks. According to thetradition of Paros, a monk (Kalogeros in Greek) committed suicide by jumping off one of these rocks, hence the name. You must also know that when a ship passes, you must collect your things because it creates a wake that reaches up to the rocks that surround the bay.

Lolantonis: It is a beautiful bay with salt cedars, sand and pebbles, near the village Aspro Horio.

Logaras: The beach of Logaras is located about half a kilometer behind Piso Livadi, with salt cedars on the sandy beach and taverns. It is ideal for the visitors who want to combine swimming and food. Logaras, as well as other beaches of Paros, has been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union, and you can find rooms to let at the surrounding area.

Faragas: Faragas and its “faragoules” is an organized beach with crystal clear waters and fine sand. Following a small path you will get to three beautiful bays and you can chose the one you like.

Chrissi Akti (Golden Beach): It is a golden beach as the name indicates. It combines the big blue of the sea and white sand on the beach. Half the beach is organized and a part of it is free. The location of the beach is such that there is always a breeze blowing. That’s why windsurf races are held here. Here, you will find diving, water ski and windsurf schools, a beach bar, hotels and rooms to let. This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union and here you can also findrooms, apartments and hotels.